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April 6, 2014
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October 6, 2015

50D50P Project !

At last on July 12, we have completed the 50 days 50 Profile pic project !!! It was time when most of my friends bought iPhone and we got iPhone 6 in our hands. apple was widely promoting the shot on iPhone campaign and explaining the features of iPhone camera through various medium. we thought of trying something with the iPhone camera. On a Facebook chat i pulled few of my friends and discussed about this idea of posting profile pic a day for 30 days ! finally Arun came up with an idea of having it for 50 days and christened it under the hash tag #50d50p

There are thousands of photography apps ! we couldn't tested them all but we got hands on almost 90% of best apps on the apple store ! spent few thousands on them. Among them all , we must admit that the Apple Built Camera App is the best and there is no doubt in it ! the profile pictures we shoot were mostly from front facing camera.

Some of the apps we used :

Enlight, Adobe Photoshop IOS, Adobe photoshop express, Defqt, Snapseed, VSCO cam, B612, hydra, Union, Liveblend, Diana photo, pic joiner, candy camera, pixlr, aviary etc...

i would say enlight is the best among all ! it has all the features. and it a mini photoshop for iphone. Snapseed is also equally good. but in easy interface enlight wins the cup. VSCO is special and best for adding tones to the shadows and highlights which is not an easy option in Enlight. I use these three for all my editing. for multiple exposures and blending i use Union. the best and easy app for layer blending and multiple overlays.

Arun's Post and Review on the apps :

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