01 | Theni | Coconut Palms and Coir
January 5, 2016
03 | Hosur | Mouli~Ranjani
January 21, 2016

02 | Thiruvanamalai

   Mist and Rays | 09 - 10 Jan

Planned for an year to get a perfect mist around the temple tower, we thought it would be a great time to visit thiruvanamalai this week to get that most awaited shot. but all went in vein..

Disappointment 1 : 

As we entered the temple parking we noticed that all the towers were covered with scaffolding 

Disappointment 2:

we were little late to the party and the highest mist cover occurred a week before

Disappointment 3:

i don't have the best lens to shoot :P

Anyway i tried the shot to get it perfect next time but the sad point the temple will be newly painted and restored only after next November and i have to wait for another year.
Thanks to my fellow CWC people who joined me in this walk !

On must have checklist for next year shoot, i need a tripod, Long range zoom lens or at least an extender and a ND16 static Neutral Density Filter


Zoom in and see the details on the high res : Please download it here (15MB)