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January 24, 2016
Protected: 07| Theni | Ilanchelian
February 13, 2016

On my third week on this year's travel, this is the first wedding i witness, not as a photographer. but as a friend. Mouli one of our three musketeers was getting married on Hosur. as a sudden Plan, we .. kuruvi, gokul,ulaga started a midnight trip to Hosur. our plan was to attend the wedding by early morning and return back to office in Chennai by noon. one the way we had the sumptuous last plate of biryani in Ambur and little chit chats.

On next Day morning, i got an idea of shooting entire wedding on my iPhone. so cleaned up all the duplicate images.. though i had 810 on by pack i didn't used it. the entire wedding was covered in mobile...with the phone connected to power bank i shot entire video in iPhone6 and used the Cameo app by vimeo.

Spent an hour on editing i got the video live up by the evening and it was all so simple but the output was amazing. i started to love making videos now and planned to shoot videos often.