39 | Thennampakkam | Azhagar Sithar Temple
October 2, 2016
53 | Kannur | Theyyam Festival
February 1, 2017

40 | Kulasai

   Dhussera Festival | 10 Oct

Kulasekarapattinam, a small village near thiruchendur of tutucorin district was named after the pandian ruler maravarman Kulasekara pandian. Mutharamman temple situated here is dated 300 years old. its the only temple with the combined vigragham(statue) of godess mutharamman and swami nganamoorthiswarar.the goddess was decorated with pearl aarah (muthu aaram) hence called mutharamman.

More than 5 lakh people come here to celebrate dussehra on tenth lunar day of the month aswini (puratassi). people celebrate the day with the victory of goddess kali over treacheous demon mahisasuran. In the midnight of the festival people gather here at kulasekarapattinam to celebrate dussehra. the festival marks with the special dancing sequence dressed like godess kali holding the fire pots. tiger dances known as puli kali are also organised. the festival signifies the victory of the good over evil.